“When God calls a man, He does not repent of it. God does not, as many friends do, love one day, and hate another; or as princes, who make their subjects favourites, and afterwards throw them into prison. This is the blessedness of a saint; his condition admits of no alteration. God’s call is founded upon His decree, and His decree is immutable. Acts of grace cannot be reversed.God blots out His people’s sins, but not their names.” —Thomas Watson

Bob Ganote and his wife Barbara live in Overland Park, KS. Bob received God’s call to the ministry in 1970 and was ordained in 1973 at the New Testament Baptist Temple, St. Joseph, MO. After leading N.T.B.T for five years, he and his family moved to Bowie, TX where he entered into missionary training at the Baptist Bible Translators Institute in 1977. Upon completion, he enrolled at the Rio Grande Bible Institute in Edinburgh, TX to study Spanish. He also studied at the Florida Baptist Theological College, the University of Missouri at Kansas City, and Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has been pastor of Sovereign Grace Baptist Church in Kansas City since 1999.

David Valkus has been a faithful member of Sovereign Grace Baptist Church for 3 years. He and his wife Susan have been married for 21 years and they have 3 children. With a genuine love for the church, David seeks to serve others by running the PA system, picking up members with the church bus, and encouraging all by his joy in Christ. David and his wife live in Raytown, where he always has sound Biblical books and DVDs ready to encourage and build up the saints.