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A Winter Past

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(I wrote this in 2007 just as I remembered it.) We had another huge snowstorm the past two days.  All the interstate roads are closed and people have been urged to stay in and not to travel.  I was thinking today about another Winter past when I was about eight years old.  We lived in government housing in the old Army barracks south of the city after my father returned from active duty with the United States Coast Guard in WWII.  It was cold and blustery weather with ice and snow.  Mother tucked a $20 bill in my mitten.  It was her grocery...

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Redefining Pluto?

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Last night when the national news came on, I heard they are no longer recognizing the planet Pluto as a planet. Pluto has been demoted. It is now a mere “dwarf planet”. I checked it out on the internet today and sure enough, 2,500 scientists and astronomers voted at the International Astronomers Union General Assembly that Pluto, which has been called a planet since being discovered in 1930, has been reclassified! Needlesstosay, my feathers were a bit ruffled. I guess you could say it got my dander up. Let me explain. My first...

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A Song in My Heart

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Most days I have a song in my heart.  Music appreciation began for me in the second grade when I was about 7 or 8 years old.  Mrs. Schutt was the music teacher at the elementary school where I attended.  She was elderly and her hair looked like a bird’s nest.  She wore thick black shoes and she absolutely loved classical music.  I guess you could say she had her ducks in a row because nobody got out of line in her class.  We had assigned seats and you had to sit up straight and pay attention.  She ran the class like a drill sargeant.  The...

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Some Childhood Memories

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When I think of childhood memories, I think of my paternal grandparents and their home. Charles and Bertha moved to this city from a small town where they were married to begin a new life.  That was over 100 years ago, and they bought a modest house with a finished attic on two city lots. Grandad got a job as a baggage clerk working for the Railroad Company downtown.  Grandma worked in a laundry for a large hotel. Grandad went to bed in the evening about the same time as the chickens did who lived in the small red barn out back of the house,...

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A Time of Remembering

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Pastor Bob asked me to write some posts about my life.  My name is Sherry Goodwin and I am a Christian woman living in the Midwest in the USA.  My stories been published in tract form and have been aired in many countries by Pacific Garden Mission’s radio ministry “Unshackled” in eight languages in over 60 countries around the world.  My husband Jerry and I are retired and attend a small Baptist Church.  We have been married for 59 years and have three grown children.  We have ten grandchildren and five great-grandchildren....

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